Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the art of manipulating the muscles to instill greater pliability of the tissues. This in turn can create overall relaxation, stress, and anxiety relief. Massage is a wonderful adjunct to a healthy lifestyle. Other benefits may include improved circulation, increased joint mobility and flexibility and pain management. 

Human touch is something our body craves. Massage may fill your soul with a tender relaxing feeling allowing your troubles to float away.


Types of Massage

Swedish Massage is a gentle relaxing free flowing massage. Almost all massage has a component of Swedish techniques.

Aromatherapy is often paired with Swedish massage by adding essential oils to increase relaxation and help the body in releasing stress. Essential oils often are distributed in the air by way of a diffuser. Just breathing in the scent is a form of aromatherapy.

Oils can also be added to the massage medium and absorbed by the skin. When using essential oils, it is important to  use pure therapeutic grade essential oils. At The Wings of Healing we use Young Living essential oils. Just ask if you are interested in learning more about essential oils or ordering products for your home. 


Deep Tissue Massage treats the deeper layer of muscles and fascia, or connective tissue. Sometimes thumbs, elbows or a forearm may be used to reach the deep tissue layers. This type of massage is often helpful with chronic issues such as back or neck pain, muscle tension, knots and adhesions in the muscles. 

Most massages are a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage. At The Wings of Healing we do not believe in the “no pain no gain” mentality. It is important to respect and listen to our bodies. When working soft tissue, we always work within the client’s comfort zone.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage involves the use of smooth basalt heated stones. The stones are used with a massage medium to glide over sore or tight muscles. The stones may also be placed on the body.

The stones work in a similar manner as a hot pack delivering soothing heat and warmth. This warmth assists in relaxing muscles and prepares the tissue for a deeper massage.


Massage – $90.00/session 1 hour ( if requested, essential oils added at no extra charge)

Hot Stone Massage -$100.00/session 1 hour


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Kathy has a genuine, heart felt nature that makes you immediately comfortable. Her intuitive talents and gentleness bring a session of massage, reiki, and IET to another level leaving me refreshed, released, and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

- Debbie, Andover MA 

I had my first IET session with Kathy a few weeks ago. It was incredible! As a licensed massage therapist and physical therapist, Kathy has a deep understanding of the physical body; As a reiki and IET master, she is highly in tune with the energetic bodies and has strong intuitive guidance. Combining her skills, she is able to tap into, and release, blocks that cause physical, mental, or emotional discomfort and provide multi dimensional healing.

Her space is calming, warm, welcoming and grounding. I left feeling peaceful and open. 

Following the session, I was very aware of not only physical releases in my body, but I was energetically heightened to the messages the universe had to share with me. I can’t wait to have another session.

- Kendra Raymond, Danvers MA

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy.  With her care and commitment in what ever modality she uses, you can be assured your body is in good hands.

- Karen, Danvers MA

Amazing! A great experience that leaves you feeling calmer, lighter, and “at peace” with whatever issues you came in with. Kathy took the time to find out why I sought out the treatment, guiding me to set a goal of what I needed help with and what I need to “let go of”.

The treatment itself is somewhat of a whole body experience. I felt very nurtured, calm and could literally feel the energy going through my body. The level of calm and peace after a treatment with her is why I go back. Highly recommended.

- Andrea Collins, Wenham MA

I have been to Kathy Potts for Reiki, IET, and massage therapy. Each treatment was different but I always felt positive energy and left with a sense of peace, tranquility and hope. 

- Beth, Andover MA

Seeing Kathy has been life changing for me. Not only has she eased headaches and aches in my body, Kathy has allowed me to connect with family members who are no longer with us. I will be honest I was skeptical at first that Reiki could help me. Then after my first session I started to think differently, I had a headache that I couldn’t get rid of and with Reiki it was gone. When Kathy started IET I didn’t think I would have such a connection with my family members and I also feel a sense of calm come over me. Now I am no longer a skeptic and I look forward to my next Reiki and/or IET session. If you are new to Reiki and IET, I would highly recommend it with Kathy. She makes you feel comfortable.

- Julie, Tyngsboro MA

I came into my session with a heavier load than normal, but between the calming atmosphere, Kathy’s expertise and innate ability to tune into emotions, just walking into the session brought a sense of peace. This was my first experience with IET and she made sure I understood the process before starting, making it easy to just focus on staying present. I could feel Kathy’s energy from the start and felt the physical stress lift right away, but what I didn’t expect was how easily she was able to lift the emotional weight. I left with an unexpectedly restored spirit, a beautiful sense of calmness, and without the back pain I had walked in with.

- Lisa, Hudson MA