What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a creative expression of your future goals or desires by way of images and words. There are countless ways to assemble a vision board and all are correct. Some “experts” will tell you to follow their rules. Ultimately there are no rules yet there are a few simple steps and suggestions.

What is it you want?

First you need to contemplate: what it is you want?  What are your desires, ambitions, and dreams? The best way, is to take time to meditate or just be still, take a walk-in nature, listen to soothing music… Essentially any activity that clears the mind to reduce the inner “chatter”. Let your imagination flow, just be still and quiet and have fun with the process.  Remember when you were a child and the sky was the limit? Use that limitless feeling to just imagine the people places and activities that fill you with joy. Maybe your joyful moments are at the beach, the mountains, reading, writing, painting, hiking… Envision the places you want to travel to, where you want to live, what you want to do. Have fun!

Start Clipping

Now all you envisioned will start to come to life as you find website images or clippings from catalogs and magazines. Stay in the clear mind set with a distraction free environment. Maybe light a candle, diffuse some essential oils, play some soft music. Any pictures or words that inspire you and or make you smile laugh or fill you with joy and happiness is perfect for your vision board. There is no right and there is no wrong way to create, simply what feels right for you is perfect.


In my eyes this is the fun part, creating! Get out your poster board or cork board, scissors, glue, push pins, glitter, ribbon and your clippings. Begin pinning or gluing. No rules, just have fun. Depending on your personality, your vision board may be very structured, symmetrical, numbered, and balanced or it may be collage-like with overlapping images. Either style is fine as the premise is to capture the essence of your desires. You may decide to create one or multiple vision boards for different topics or for short and long term goals. Just have fun and be joyful as you envision the future.

You are not finished yet!

You made this board to bring your visions alive. Right? To manifest or bring to life your dreams take time often during your day to admire your creation. Are you smiling as you gaze at all the pictures? Does it excite you to imagine these desires coming true? Perfect, now for more fun.


Take time to be still as you gaze at your vision board and slowly instill your senses to imagine these visions a reality. What do you see? What is around you?  What do you smell? Is the air warm on your skin and is there a breeze? What do you hear? Be free to imagine. This step is an important part of manifesting. I urge you to practice this daily. Maybe every morning or evening or both.  The benefit of feeling the essence of your vision is allowing yourself to enter a state of joy and thereby raising your vibration. 


Display your creation anywhere you will see it often throughout your day. Have fun.  Imagine, create and feel like your visions are a reality. Dream big!


Vision boards are one piece of the art of manifesting, do not discount your ability. Creating is within us all. As a final note, if you are interested in learning more about the art of manifesting, I encourage you to read or listen to books on the subject. The Hay House is a wonderful resource for both platforms with thousands of recognized authors.